Painting Your Athletic Field Stencil

1. Unfold and align your stencil using the registration marks printed onto the stencil. You can use nails through the stencil to keep the wind from blowing it away.
2. Following the included color guide, lightly spray the cut out dashes with theirĀ appropriate paint color.
3. Once all of the dashes have been painted, set the stencil aside for 15-20 minutes before folding or rolling while the excess paint on the plastic dries.
4. Connect same-colored dashes to form the outlines of your design.
5. Referring to the included print of your design, fill open spaces with their respective colors. Starting at the middle of the design and working outwards helps to avoid leaving footprints in wet paint.
6. Once all dashes have been connected and no unpainted areas remain, allow the design to dry for 5-10 minutes before touching up any imperfections or splotchy areas. Viewing the design from a higher area, like bleachers, can make it easier to see any areas that may need some additional work.
This stencil is made of low density polyethylene. It is a non-hazardous, very flexible non-porous plastic. Paint will peel off quite easily when completely dry. DO NOT USE THINNERS OR SOLVENTS to clean this product. If using water-based paint, stencils are easy to clean by washing wet paint off immediately after use.
We ship all of our stencils rolled in boxes to save you shipping costs. When you are ready to store your stencil, fold or roll up neatly and store out of the sun. Be very careful if you must use or store your stencil(s) in cold weather as the plastic may become brittle and break or crack