Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

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Our Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon come in 3 different sizes; 4′ wide x 6′ tall, 6.6′ wide x 10′ tall, and 8′ wide x 12′ tall. Promote Breast Cancer Awareness with this Ribbon Stencil.




We offer several sizes of breast cancer awareness ribbon stencils. The cancer ribbon stencil is cut out on durable yet foldable 8 mil plastic. Just roll it out of the box and lay it flat on natural grass, synthetic turf, concrete, asphalt, etc with weights on the corners to hold it in place. Paint through the cut-outs, lift up the stencil, connect the dots, fill in the paint and your logo is done. Fold and safely keep the stencil for later use. It will last for years. Best when used with USSC paints that are bright, durable and will not hurt or kill natural grass.

  • One-piece construction allows for easy set-up and easy storage.
  • Made of Durable, yet Fold-able 8 mil UV stable plastic
  • We can make any modifications or custom make your stencil.
  • Being the manufacturer we keep it in stock or make it same day.
  • Next day expedited delivery if needed.
  • Promote Cancer awareness, fast, easy, stylish at any location.

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4' x 6', 6.6' x 10', 8' x 12'